Reporting according to GRI guidelines

Swisscom provides its stakeholders with a report on its economic, social and ecological performance. The scope and content of the sustainability report are based on the currently applicable guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI 3). GRI is the world’s leading standard for corporate sustainability reporting.
SGS AG performed an audit and confirms that the 2010 Annual Report complies with the application level A+ of GRI guideline 3.


Swisscom pursues clearly defined targets. Find out more about the individual divisions and the corresponding measures used to achieve targets. 

Boundary of the report

All Group companies domiciled in Switzerland which are fully consolidated in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) are included in the Sustainability Report according to GRI.


The GRI Index provides a standardised overview of reporting which is broken down by subject. The Index contains references to the relevant pages of the Annual Report or other sources of information.

Basic principles

Specific directives, agreements, ISO-certified process management systems (SCS, ITS, SBC, CX) and Codes of Conduct relating to energy consumption are included in our Management Principles.